Team Trains Virtual and Field Sellers in Best Practices | MarketSource Heroes

Team Trains Virtual and Field Sellers in Best Practices | MarketSource Heroes

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

MarketSource Trains Virtual and Field Sellers in Best Practices 

A testament to MarketSource’s agility, its training implementation team was able to translate best practices in sales for a major national building supply company to an entirely remote sales force during the pandemic, and sales continue to accelerate. 

Tim Ballard, the clients’ Eastern U.S. Residential Leader, tells the story: “We’ve been partnering with MarketSource for four years, and a few months prior to lockdown they had established a new role as outside sellers [for us]. We got the opportunity to meet customers face to face. It quickly became apparent that we were working with the right partner to establish a seamless transition. 

“MarketSource applied their processes and technologies to establish a cadence of communication with the customers that enabled them to develop the needed relationships. And at the beginning of the pandemic, MarketSource led training for all of our marketers and MarketSource field sellers to share best practices and core competencies of how to interact with customers in a virtual environment, which was new to all of us at the time. 

“Over the first six months, MarketSource held 50 virtual customer trainings and over 600 touches with customers. They utilize their GIS mapping technology to create a territory plan to track customers’ locations and their accessibility to maximize sellers’ time in the field. They developed dashboards through their web-focused software to share data for lead tracking and performance measurement and collaborate with us to integrate the MarketSource sellers into the goal planning process and to create meaningful market action plans. And we are confident that this effort from the MarketSource team and the foundation they established in 2020, is only going to further accelerate our sales in 2021. I thank you guys very much for what you do.” 

Congratulations to Program Manager, Eric Parham, and his entire team for earning one of our 2020 MarketSource Hero Awards. Thanks to them and adhering to the MarketSource corporate value of a strong Work Ethic, our client was able to successfully shift into productive virtual selling during the pandemic and establish best practices that are helping to accelerate sales through 2021.