MarketSource Ramps Up a Fully Remote Workforce in Record Time | MarketSource Heroes

MarketSource Ramps Up a Fully Remote Workforce in Record Time | MarketSource Heroes

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

At the pandemic’s onset, MarketSource was partnering with a major cellular company with an in-house workforce. In a matter of hours, MarketSource enabled a ramp-up to fully remote operations so the company never missed a beat. The team worked tirelessly to ensure sales operations continued and customers were cared for. The company recently saw a nearly 20% jump in sales in large part because of MarketSource’s innovations.  

Darrel Mullis, the client’s Director of Sales and Operations Integrated Solutions, details what happened: “None of us predicted the uncertain times we faced when we went into 2020, but MarketSource certainly stepped up to the plate and we’re very appreciative of that. MarketSource was able to transition the entire workforce in a matter of 24 hours to remote, which was extremely beneficial as it minimized downtime.  

“[The team] was very instrumental in getting mobile hospitals created, whether it was the Javits Center in New York or some of the mobile hospitals in Arizona. The team just really stepped up to the plate working sometimes until midnight. But at the end of the day, we delivered; they took care of the customers as well as our sales teams in unprecedented times. 

“I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that with MarketSource stepping up the way they did, we saw an overall business increase of 18% in year over year sales. So just a remarkable job done by all. They delivered no matter what the adversity they faced; they plowed their way through it and just did a phenomenal job.” 

Congratulations to the entire MarketSource team for earning one of our 2020 MarketSource Hero Awards. When COVID-19 hit, they worked ‘round the clock—demonstrating a dedicated Work Ethic, a MarketSource corporate value—to create a fully remote sales team that took care of customers and increased sales in the face of adversity.