MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Gillian Foley

Program Manager Gillian Foley says MarketSource is her home and “my job is a blessing.” Gillian’s excitement for her job and her client translates well in her leadership role within the program. While she recognizes her leadership style must adjust based on her team members’ unique needs, there is one thing that is important to everyone—trust. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Gillian led her team with trust and compassion. She managed the program’s transformation from physical to virtual in a matter of days. She (along with many others on the team, as she makes sure to point out) helped keep spirits high with “Wacky Wednesday” trivia, team-building events, and giveaways. But if you ask Gillian, all credit goes to the team. “While our field team was reinventing themselves in a virtual world, our leadership and training teams were doing the same. I’m humbled by their tenacity, energy, and compassion.”

She credits her work ethic and leadership skills to those in her career that didn’t tell her how to do something, but instead guided her, acted as a sounding board, and helped her build the confidence to do anything she set out to do. “Effective mentors are those who believe in you, give you the license and confidence to explore…and then push you off the cliff to watch you fly. I’d like to think this has translated into the kind of leader I am today.”

Persistence is also key. “My favorite piece of advice is: Things you resist persist. I love this little phrase because it applies to all facets of my life. It’s a simple reminder that if I don’t act on something because it’s daunting, scary, sad, requires me to apologize, or because I’m just being lazy—the task, person, or problem won’t disappear. It will persist until I boldly face it.”