MarketSource Team Provides Meals for Frontline Workers | MarketSource Heroes

MarketSource Team Provides Meals for Frontline Workers | MarketSource Heroes

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2020 MarketSource Heroes: Natalie Whiten and Lindsay Friedrich MarketSource Team Provides Meals for Frontline Workers

It’s the small things that matter the most. 

As communities continue to struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic, the inspiring stories of everyday heroes keep on coming. Two MarketSource team members found a way to show their support and appreciation for essential workers, proving that change doesn’t have to be grandiose while inspiring others to follow suit. 

Natalie Whiten, a team leader, was feeling helpless as the local medical staff powered through the pandemic with limited supplies and protective gear. When Natalie saw an opportunity to contribute, she took it, working with three local businesses to provide meals for Northeast Georgia Medical Center’s emergency department (ED). 

With help from her close friends and community, Natalie was able to provide eight dozen doughnuts, 12 pizzas, and an endless supply of breadsticks to workers in the ED. Like many citizens, Natalie didn’t have the resources to offer an abundance of donations. But that didn’t stop her. Instead of calling it a day after her first successful endeavor, she opted to donate several masks from her personal supply, saying, “It’s the small things like this that will help people on the front lines feel appreciated during such a hard time.” 

Implementation Specialist Lindsay Friedrich followed suit, finding her own little way to show support for essential workers living in her area. Lindsay’s story goes further back in time, though, before COVID-19 hit. In 2018, she began fostering dogs through the LifeLine Animal Project in Dekalb County, GA, and began regularly volunteering alongside the staff soon after. 

Sadly, due to personal safety precautions, the shelter suspended its volunteer program, forcing the staff to pick up additional responsibilities caring for the animals on their own. While Lindsay couldn’t directly help them the traditional way, her close relationship with the staff prevented her from sitting this one out with a clear conscience. 

Deciding to take an alternative approach, Lindsay partnered with her favorite restaurant, HopStix, to provide lunches to the shelter workers. As a result, she was able to support both the shelter that she harbors deep love and affection for while supporting a struggling local restaurant. 

Congratulations to Lindsay and Natalie. Of course, their story is one of countless others demonstrating one of the four core values of MarketSource, Relationships, that continue to be revealed by our dedicated team.