What’s Next for B2B Sales Organizations?

COVID-19 has challenged B2B companies in ways they never imagined and ushered in a new era in B2B selling.

What’s next? How do sales leaders reinvent their organization? Do they hire or outsource? What are the costs, and how do they mitigate financial risk and shorten the time to revenue?

In our eBook, we tackle these and other issues plaguing sales leaders and offer strategies – and benchmarks – to help drive decision-making. You’ll learn:

• How disruption is giving organizations reasons—if not an undeniable push—to transform for the long term

• How rethinking the sales organization structure can create a long-term strategic advantage

• Why the ability to quickly recruit, hire and train gives companies the agility and speed needed to succeed in today’s hyper-competitive business landscape

• A framework for evaluating whether to hire or outsource all or part of your sales team

• A proprietary model for calculating the cost of a B2B salesperson

• Ways to mitigate financial risk and shorten time to revenue