B2B Revenue Growth Assessment

A MarketSource B2B Revenue Growth Assessment provides a critical review of your sales organization and processes to identify improvements to increase sales revenue. Conducted by a team of sales professionals, sales engineers, and sales technologists, the Revenue Growth Assessment is designed to eliminate inefficiencies, maximize resources, and reduce time-to-revenue.

The assessment helps organizations determine:

• Optimum sales process
Go-to-market strategy and tactics
• Coverage model
• Areas of growth
• Realistic growth goals
• Market, program, product, and/or sales coverage constraints
• Total Addressable Market (TAM)
• Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
• Buyer/decision-maker personas

Topics covered include:

• Target market dynamics—Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and buyer persona
• Demand and lead generation
• Value proposition for the end user
• Ideal partner profile
• Sales channel business proposition
• Sales channel onboarding and enablement
• Success measures
• Current sales operations and enablement environment
• Current and future revenue states
• Sales velocity elements (time-to-close, close percentage, average deal size, number of opportunities worked each month)

Detailed recommendations include:

Go-to-market strategy and tactics

Path to desired future state


Prescribed sales process

Leveraged practices and methodologies to meet goals

Technology, systems, tools, reporting


Accountability metrics

Investment required