MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Aaron Williams

“If you want something done, ask a busy person” is one of Aaron Williams’ favorite sayings. Indeed, Aaron stays very busy as a client services director for our Commercial omnichannel business. 

Last month, Aaron celebrated an exciting milestone—his 20th anniversary at MarketSource—and he is very proud of that, with great reason. “It used to be that someone with experience working at fewer companies was more marketable—they were considered more loyal and therefore must have competencies to be a premier employee,” he said. “Over the years, that view changed. Leaders are now looking for people with a diverse array of experience working at different companies, in different roles, and even in different industries. We’re lucky at MarketSource because I challenge someone to name another company where someone has more opportunity to gain experience in multiple roles, integrated with multiple companies, across multiple industries—and still report to the same address for work!” 

Another reason Aaron has stayed at MarketSource for so long: “I guess I could say that it’s the leaders, the culture, the people I work with, etc.…and no doubt, all of these things have played a major role. But even beyond that is the fact that I’ve always felt like I’m a part of something bigger. Like many others, I like to win and I want to be a part of a winning team. I get that here.” 

Aaron’s favorite part of his current role is helping grow future leaders and he even cites that as the legacy he hopes to leave behind one day. 

When asked for some general life lessons he’d be willing to share with fellow team members, Aaron simply says: “Play by the rules; run at problems—not away from them (because they will usually get worse if you don’t tackle them proactively); and good things tend to happen to honest, hard workers.” 

We know Aaron is proof of that. Happy Anniversary, Aaron! We are lucky to have you.