MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Brittany Willison Fite

“I have a competitive spirit and do not give up,” says newly promoted Reporting Supervisor Brittany Willison Fite, who has been with MarketSource for 15 years. “I always figure out a way to make it happen.” 

Brittany recognizes that to be successful in her role, you must be nimble and adapt to new technologies and platforms. “I have faced many reports, metrics, and reporting languages over the years that have completely stumped me,” Brittany says. “But I have always figured out a way to make it happen…and once you conquer one report, you’re ready to figure out the next.” 

She continues, “I was always taught from a young age to work hard no matter what…and that you never know the extent of your talents unless you just try. Usually, you’ll surprise yourself!” Brittany credits her work ethic and determination to never wanting to let down others, whether it’s her husband, children, friends, or coworkers. “If I make a commitment, it will get done…one way or the next,” she says. 

A perfect example is when she signed up as fall fundraising chair for her daughter’s school. When a local nursery notified her just four days before the event of an order mishap and they couldn’t deliver on the 810 mums they promised, the Parents’ Association was prepared to cancel the event. Nope, not with Brittany at the helm! She scoured the internet for state-wide wholesalers, and after coordinating the logistics of an 18-wheeler to drive from South Georgia to Alabama for drop-off, Brittany was shocked to receive news that the woman helping her ended up quoting her a lower price than the original nursery. Because of her above-and-beyond assistance, Brittany told the woman to round up her cost per mum. “The delivery was on time, we supported two family businesses, and the event went off without a hitch,” she says proudly. 

It’s clear that, with her determination, Brittany will excel in this new position and help her team excel, too. Because as she says, if there’s a will, there’s a way—and we’re certain she has the will.