MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Carole Liu

In any organization, leading a team of nearly 100 people in 134 locations is a big undertaking. Newly promoted Regional Manager Josh Stallard considers it a privilege.  

Business Analyst Carole Liu’s love of learning quite literally transformed her career. After becoming intrigued by Salesforce and its capabilities in 2019, Carole took it upon herself to begin learning more about the platform and has earned three of their certifications since. 

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows businesses to manage relationships with customers through storing data collection, interaction tracking, and information sharing with coworkers. The partnership MarketSource has with Salesforce gave Carole the opportunity to put her vast skills to good use when she joined our team. 

After studying for several months for each exam every night after work, Carole earned the Salesforce Certified Administrator certificate, followed by the Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder certificate. Most recently, she earned the Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator certificate. “Salesforce has a great self-learning platform with hands-on challenges you can complete in their practice environment, which is similar to real-world scenarios,” she explains. “While real-world experience is very important to building your skillset, going through the certification process helps fill knowledge gaps and shows your commitment to personal and professional improvement.” 

Carole credits her drive and work ethic to her parents. “My parents have always told me to work hard, stay humble and not settle for mediocrity,” she says. “I care about doing things right and going that extra mile.” 

Because of Carole’s in-depth knowledge of Salesforce, she was able to take on extra responsibilities at work, which proved to be invaluable to her career. In fact, she was recently promoted to Technical Specialist on our IT team, responsible for Salesforce administration—among other duties—for our Commercial business. 

Out of the 30+ certifications that Salesforce currently offers (five in the category she’s studying), Carole is already working on certification number four. “Having additional knowledge about different aspects of Salesforce will help me better support our business needs…and as I learn more, I can take on more responsibilities.” 

Clearly, her drive isn’t slowing down any time soon. 

The best advice Carole has ever received is very apropos: Everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone. She explains,” Stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to try new things is when you learn and grow, and turn your dreams into a reality.” 

It certainly seems as if she took that advice to heart and it’s all coming true.