MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Josh Stallard

In any organization, leading a team of nearly 100 people in 134 locations is a big undertaking. Newly promoted Regional Manager Josh Stallard considers it a privilege.  

Josh started with MarketSource in 2016 as an account sales representative, and over the last 4.5 years, he has held various leadership roles – including district sales manager for increasingly larger markets across the Midwest. In August, he accepted his most recent promotion to regional manager. 

His tireless work ethic and passion for helping others has no doubt propelled his career at MarketSource. “I have always embodied a servant-leadership philosophy, having the heart of a teacher and a drive for continuous improvement, which I think is so important in business,” he says…and that starts with being intentional. “You have to be disciplined enough to recognize what you can accomplish in the ‘here and now,’ and then challenge yourself to stretch beyond what you think is possible. When it comes to time management, I believe you should focus on gaining the small wins early in the workday so you can build momentum for later in the day. I prioritize my workflow like I’m cooking on Thanksgiving Day—the turkey always gets prepped long before the dinner rolls!” 

His parents set a great foundation on which his mindset is based. He grew up admiring his father’s dedication, reliability, unshakable dependability, and a commitment to excellence throughout his 44 years at Ford Motor Company. He also fondly recalls his mother’s 15-year career at Proctor & Gamble that was marked with a sharp focus and decisiveness. 

But even though his focus on his career has paid off in more ways than he imagined, his motivation lies in the team with whom he works. “I’ve observed numerous times the relentless amount of hard work and dedication our team members, my peers, and our leaders put forth and that’s what really inspires me to put all of my energy into what we’re trying to accomplish as a team—and as an organization—each and every day.” 

“It’s also really fun to be a part of that fleeting moment of joy when something I’ve demonstrated or articulated resonates with someone and there’s a shift in that person’s perspective or understanding of a particular concept. I’m humbled by the fact that I get to be a part of an exceptional team of people that are all striving to make a positive impact in the lives of others.”