Employee Spotlight: Shannon Hoffman

Shannon Hoffman is consistently going above and beyond for his fellow team members. “Whenever, wherever, whatever—I’m there,” he says. “It’s so important to be present, listen, and allow others to tell their story. Those conversations help me better understand how I can connect with and support my colleagues.”

Lucky for us, the art of listening is a key element of his job. For the past three years, Shannon has served as senior manager of Retail Central Support, a group responsible for the operational support of thousands of field team members within the Retail business unit. The team serves as a centralized point of contact for help of any kind—troubleshooting, schedule changes, software issues, audits, call routing, system administration, general questions, and more. However—in the spirit of his “W3” mantra—he continues to find new ways to further support the business.

A couple of years ago, Shannon recognized a need for assistance with shipping and fulfillment. “A few of our Commercial programs needed someone to order, catalog, warehouse, and ship their marketing materials…and it wasn’t an optimal use of the person’s time that was doing it at that point,” he explains. “My team offered to absorb those responsibilities into Retail Central Support. Cross training in this additional offering allowed us the ability to support a number of Retail programs in that capacity, as well.”

But wait…there’s more! Last year, he stepped up to the plate once again. When the need arose for a product owner to help identify or develop current/new technology products to attract, support, and grow the business, Shannon volunteered to take on those responsibilities, as well. “I feel like my role in Retail Central Support complemented the need, since we’re already very hands-on with products like AskMe and REPfirst,” Shannon said. “That experience allowed me to understand the current use, as well as what the future could look like with new, advanced technology.”

With his in-depth knowledge of our contact center systems, he has also been regularly tapped to demonstrate our AskMe service capabilities, and to help with the development of training with our Learning and Development team.

For those that know and work with Shannon, the fact that he continues to raise his hand when help is needed is not a surprise. In fact, it’s a hallmark characteristic that makes him such a beloved friend and co-worker.

“The best parts of my job are the people I interact with on a daily basis.” He continues, “I love hearing stories of individual accomplishment, personally and professionally. Having those personal conversations and listening to their amazing stories makes being a part of MarketSource a truly gratifying experience. I’m a firm believer that the best part of life is not what you get, but what you give back.”

Author: Sarah Nicholas

Author: Sarah Nicholas

Sarah is a Content Writer for MarketSource. She has deep experience helping B2B, high-tech companies, and non-profit organizations define and convey their voice through compelling content and strategies that build and scale brands.