Ben Simms is Vice President of Ominchannel Sales at MarketSource. In this podcast, he speaks with Mario Martinez, CEO of Vengreso and Host of the Modern Selling Podcast.

Episode Outline

[4:15] Ben’s background in sales and the path that took him to MarketSource

[10:50] Why should you consider outsourcing sales for your company?

[15:56] What types of companies does outsourced sales work best for?

[18:46] How to sell outsourced sales to internal stakeholders

[21:23] What role does the financial cost play in the internal discussion?

[29:40] How to select and manage an outsourced sales partner

[32:10] Does an outsourced team need to be considered part of your company culture?

[46:37] What does it mean to use the word “omichannel?”