Finance Metrics for Success in a Post-COVID-19 World

Only time will tell the true impact of COVID-19 on B2B buyer behaviors, business models, and economic forecasts. Yet amidst the uncertainty, businesses are looking beyond the current environment to position themselves for successful re-entry in a post-coronavirus world.

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Hire or Outsource: The CFO’s Guide to Optimizing Sales Expense

Does it make sense to commit to an in-house sales team? Or does outsourcing offer time-to-revenue and reduced cost benefits? We’ll help you decide.

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Lost Revenue Calculator

Do you know how much revenue you’re leaving on the table for every month it takes you to hire a B2B sales rep? We do. And we’ll show you.

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What Does a B2B Sales Org Look Like Post-COVID-19?

As we move into the next normal, how do you evaluate and design a sales org that is built to meet rapidly changing needs?

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