Activism, Involvement, and Mentorship Make Her Unique

Julia Bourne, Program Manager, is the recipient of this year’s MarketSource Leadership Award.  

When Julia was selected in 2020 to serve as the Program Manager for a new MarketSource aftermarket auto parts manufacturer program, she exceeded all primary KPIs by large margins. In the program’s first year, Julia’s team doubled. And in the first two years of the program, under her leadership, her team brought declining sales to a halt and grew revenue by 20% year over year.  

Julia started her MarketSource career as a representative for a global industrial coatings manufacturer in 2013. She was promoted to Team Lead in early 2017 and then to Sales Manager in June of 2018. In 2018, Julia participated in the MarketSource emerging leaders program, and by that time, she wasn’t merely emerging—she was a proven, bonafide leader who displayed great competence in her area of expertise and delivered consistent results. 

In 2019, Julia became the first MarketSource “Protégé” enrolled in the exclusive #GirlsClub certificate program designed to train women who are aspiring managers in sales leadership. That organization named her Protégé of the Year in 2019. Thereafter, Julia has been an advocate for #GirlsClub at MarketSource and a mentor in the #GirlsClub organization, serving as an inspiration for future generations of #GirlsClub participants.  

Julia has always been comfortable presenting and sharing proactive recommendations to all levels of her program’s leadership. She is regularly pulled into high-level leadership meetings because of her expertise and leadership skills.  

Julia is also involved with MarketSource’s Diversity & Inclusion and Women in Leadership programs. Her activism and devoted spirit make her a highly respected peer and leader, no matter her role.

The high praise Julia has earned from coworkers and clients alike shows how others have been transformed by her commitment to MarketSource’s values.   

Julia, MarketSource thanks you for your service and congratulates you on receiving the Leadership Award. We deeply admire you and appreciate your contributions to our culture, to our teams, and to our company.