Best of 2020 B2B Articles and White Papers

There is no denying that 2020 accelerated change in most every way imaginable, and B2B sales is one of them. Buyers and sellers alike adopted digital selling, companies restructured sales organizations, and built strategies for pipeline recovery.

We thought a lot about those things last year, and our perspectives remain solid as we move into 2021. Here are a few of best resources to get you thinking about the year ahead:

Like many other companies, is yours looking for ways to shift away from fixed cost payroll? Outsourced inside sales could be the answer.
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Your sales org can be a long-term, strategic advantage. If you’re thinking about the structure of your sales organization, you’ll want to read this whitepaper >>.

When most companies calculate what a B2B sales rep costs, they consider salary + commission + overhead allocation. But that leaves a lot of other costs on the table.
Read this article for a model of what it really costs >>.

Should You Hire or Outsource Your Way to Pipeline and Revenue? Our head of strategy and director of financial operations walk through a cost assessment and risk calculation.
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