MarketSource Employee Spotlight: Rob Stiteler

Program Manager Rob Stiteler boils the best advice he’s ever received down to one word: listen. And he has the awards to prove that he takes that advice to heart. 

In fact, Rob has received recognition from his client for every quarter that his program has been in business. 

Rob’s team assists with process and procedure improvements for his client’s medium-duty vehicle and fleet customers–businesses that purchase multiple vehicles for company use. “We like to refer to ourselves as solution providers,” Rob says. “We assist in helping dealers understand the different manufacturer programs and help improve the amount of time that customers’ vehicles are on the road…what we call their ‘uptime’.” 

Rob was recognized in late June “for going above and beyond to treat customers like family,” the recognition certificate reads. There is one main reason he earned this certificate: listening. As an example, his client’s customer purchased a vehicle that was subsequently taken to an upfitter, which is a company that installs all of the aftermarket equipment needed for a commercial vehicle to perform its specific business purpose. The vehicle ended up breaking down as the upfitter was delivering it, and as a result, the customer had to pay the monthly truck payment for over four months as it sat unrepaired. After listening to the customer’s issue, Rob and his team got involved. As a result, they were able to get the vehicle repaired by a local dealership and returned to the customer within weeks. Because of Rob’s above-and-beyond service, the customer ultimately bought another vehicle even before receiving the newly fixed one, which is on the road now. 

“This situation proves what can happen when you work together and listen to someone’s concerns,” Rob says. “I am so proud that we were able to work together with the client to get the parts needed to get that vehicle back on the road.” In fact, solving customer issues is his favorite part of the job. He also places significant importance on showing appreciation for others’ efforts, as MarketSource and his clients consistently express appreciation to him.  

“My leader allows me to do my job, but is always there for support,” he says. “My client’s team also lets me do my job well and my team is excellent at working together to get the job done. The experience I bring to the job is respected and utilized…and I love that we are making a positive impact on the fleet business.” 

A positive impact, indeed. Congratulations to Rob and his team on a job well done!