5 Ways To Set Up a Pop-Up Shop That Sells


Seasonal holidays are a great opportunity to set up pop-up retail shops. From brand themed pop-ups in shopping centers, to grocery store pop-ups demonstrating cookware, a pop-up shop enables retailers to create exciting temporary stores to attract new consumers and grow business sales.

There are several advantages of a successful pop-up shop . Read on to find out if a pop-up shop is right for your business and learn how to get your ideas going ASAP. Don’t miss out on an innovative retail experience that has modernized traditional retail shopping.

4 Reasons to Open a Pop-Up Shop

Engage Customers Offline

For e-commerce retailers, the challenge of providing an omni-channel marketing experience creates a constant concern. A 2014 Accenture survey revealed that 78 percent of shoppers are “webrooming,” or browsing online before making an in-store purchase. So, how you do capture those who abandon their carts, when you don’t have a physical location? A pop-up shop may be the answer.

Through promotion of your pop-up, you will generate excitement and fun that invigorates customers. Bolster your pop-up shop opening with a digital marketing campaign that includes social media, email and other strategic tools to help create buzz and connect with customers.


Taking advantage of special occasions or holidays is a great way to advance your quarterly sales. A pop-up shop provides the convenience of a temporary location that is fully customizable. You can set up and take down your shop around the seasons that make the most sense for your business.

By taking your store directly to a targeted consumer segment, the opportunity for a personalized brand experience is increased, which leads shoppers through the buyer funnel. Never miss another opportunity to advance seasonal products.

Consumer Education

Is your product complex, requiring a live demonstration? Instead of an infomercial or video struggling to explain your product via social media, a pop-up store provides a flexible alternative. Staff your shop with highly trained customer service representatives who can give new customers an informative perspective on your products. For both new-to-market and mature products, a live demonstration helps add a direct touchpoint for customers who need it.

Create Additional Revenue Stream

The temporary nature of pop-up shops is arguably their best advantage. Retailers are able to test new markets before committing to a permanent storefront. Taking a product offline and into a new market? Set up a pop-up shop to gauge consumer interest and get on-site feedback. For products that are already popular, a pop-up shop places high-demand goods within closer reach, heightening the opportunity to build revenue through your shop.

Are you wondering what to sell? A pop-up shop doesn’t have to break out all new products. A savvy retailer can clear warehouses of out-of-run, clearance or past-season products through a unique sales experience that speaks to your specific branding proposition.

Be creative in how you envision your pop-up shop in efforts to leave a lasting positive impression with your shoppers.

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How To Set Up a Pop-Up Shop

If you’re ready to get started, read below for more detail on what it takes to deploy a pop-up shop. Make #BetterSales both the goal and expectation.

How To Set Up a Pop Up Shop