Looking for a Revenue Growth Partner?

Looking for a Revenue Growth Partner?

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Determining how to grow your company’s revenue can be a daunting task. Typically, sales leaders are tasked with doing so using current product offerings, and within their assigned geography or vertical market. Essentially they are left asking the question, “How do I expand my presence within my current customers, add net new customers, or both? Oh yeah, and do it within strict corporate ROI measures that satisfy the boardroom.”

The answer lies in developing the right revenue growth strategies and tactics that quickly give sales leaders and their teams a “line of sight” into the accounts, personas, and sales channels that meet their revenue growth goals. Many companies look to outsource agencies or partners for guidance and the capability to operationalize the right go-to-market strategies and tactics versus doing it themselves.

For organizations for which the time is right to collaborate with an expert, look for these demonstrated capabilities:

Relevant Sales Channel and Vertical Expertise. Give priority to assessing the potential partner’s experience in your vertical industry, knowing who and what influences the sale, and how your targeted personas and accounts select and buy your products. With this knowledge, the program recommendations the outsourced revenue growth partner makes will be more thoughtful, more targeted, and have a significantly higher probability of success.

Sales Enablement Strategy. Another key capability to look for is documented and proven methodologies with rigorous processes and technology that define and measure the key components and deliver superior performance against mutually agreed-upon metrics and goals. Ask whether they have on-staff business process engineers, instructional designers, and certified sales technology and enablement experts who can drive effectiveness and efficiency across your entire customer experience.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation. Does the partner practice “relentless incrementalism”? Do they continuously improve the services they deliver and create more value for you and your customers? Do they leverage engineering approaches based on strong and fundamental practices that provide continuous process improvement that allow you to sell more—and sell faster—to your target customer?

Database Development and Health. The demonstrated ability to define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and targeted personas are table stakes for any outsourced revenue growth partner. They should be able to identify, source, verify, and append your current and new prospect contacts. This, combined with providing targeted persona buyer intent data, is a formula that stimulates demand and builds a qualified pipeline of winnable opportunities.

Speed to Market and Scalable Delivery. Each market, region, and vertical is different. Choose a partner who has mastered the ability to scale and pivot based upon the dynamics of your target market, products, programs, and sales channels. Look for an organization that puts an intense focus on specific sales tasks. And, similar to their ability to scale swiftly, choose a partner who has the flexibility to change swiftly when market dynamics demand a modification to sales focus, territory, product, and/or structure of the team.

Timely Business Intelligence (BI). The data you receive is only as valuable as it is relevant. Your revenue growth partner should specialize in helping their clients enhance decision making and drive better outcomes by continuously analyzing data and delivering actionable reporting solutions supported by large-scale analytics and data warehouse solutions.