2016 Top Trending Sales Topics

Taking a look back at the top-trending sales topics of 2016 is always a valuable exercise, as it provides us with helpful insights into what our readers are interested in. And with this information, we can deliver even better content for you in the coming year.

To that end, below are MarketSource’s top 10 blog posts from 2016, along with a brief summary of the content that could benefit your business in 2017. 

Top 10 Blog Posts

10. Expanding Inside Sales to Grow Market Share This is an insightful breakdown of why B2B companies are shifting to inside sales and what it takes to build an inside sales team.

9. New Business Model Requires New Go-To Market Model Regardless of your market or industry, your business model is going to change. Practice Leader Steven Newman makes the argument that having speed, focus and flexibility will allow you to hit your number this year – and consistently – in the future.

8. Do You Have the Right Talent to Make Your Number in 2016  B2B Practice Leader Stephen Carlisle shares three tips to reduce your sales turnover, achieve your sales goals more consistently, and likely deliver a better experience to your customers.

7. The Power of Retail Analytics in 2016 Research and Analytics Practice Leader Baileigh Allen explains how analytics and “Voice of the Customer” programs are critical for retailers to improve sales.

6. Inside Sales Solutions That Improve Your Top and Bottom Lines MarketSource has determined that, in a given week, an inside salesperson can make six to seven times as many client contacts as can an outside sale representative. Director of Financial Operations Matthew Hudson explains how inside sales can be an efficient and cost-effective solution.

5. 4 Qualities of Amazing Salespeople Recruiting Manager, James Stafford, shares four tips that can propel any sales professional from basic to brilliant.

4. Connected Home Appliances: Are You Appealing to the Retail Consumer Retail Practice Leader Mark Doornbosch describes a few of the newest items and trends coming for connected home products, and more details of the pains and problems all retailers and OEMs are feeling in this specialized vertical of internet connectivity.

3. Career Hack: 5 Things To Do After the Interview A strong follow-up strategy creates a long lasting impression of your communication skills, as well as your professional presence. These five tips will help you land a better job.

2. Selling Smart Home Solutions at Retail: The New ‘Holy Grail’? Every major retailer is going into the smart home solutions space, trying to figure it out. Some that are in the forefront right now are finding it difficult to bring to life. MarketSource has a great webinar on demand that explains how to navigate key selling trends in home solutions.

1. Use the Balanced Scorecard to Boost Sales Performance Should your company do more with the balanced scorecard to boost sales performances? Vice president of strategy and planning Chris Walter shares how pairing the balanced scorecard with Marketing automation for B2B can boost sales.

We want to thank all of our contributing authors and our loyal readers. Stay tuned for more in 2017!